If you are thinking of sprucing up your home in order to improve its value in the real estate market, bravo. You should also know that there are certain parts of your home that will add greater value to your home. Therefore, your home improvement strategies should focus on these rooms.

Naturally, certain rooms are more useful and attractive to home users. This maybe because of their utility value or because they are open to visitors’ scrutiny. Either way, these rooms will provide greater returns, and they are where your renovation should concentrate.

  • The Kitchen – A state of the art, attractive and spacious kitchen is bound to make a positive statement about your home. You may want to upgrade your kitchen to modern standards, de-clutter it or make certain structural changes. You can repaint it, add tiles and stainless steel appliances, or improve on the cabinets and countertops. This is vital for buyers, renters, inspectors and real estate agents. Kitchen is probably among the most important part of a home even for those that hardly cook. It will easily add value to your home. Better still; create an open-plan kitchen to give room for personalized designing.
  • Sitting/living room – This is the first point of call in most homes. It is where visitors are entertained, where the first impressions are created. No one would want an unattractive and out dated sitting room. It has to be beautiful, interesting, classy and spacious. If it can offer beautiful view of the outside world, that’s even better. You can add some impressive features to it, refurbish fireplaces, update the central heating, change windows and doors using more glass, and improve on the interior décor, lighting, banisters and rails. These will add to the aesthetic value of your home.
  • The bathroom – Another important room you need to spice up is the bathroom. A dilapidated, unhygienic and ancient toilet and bath is a huge turnoff. Upgrade and redesign your bathroom to be attractive, fresh looking and efficient. Ensure that the plumbing system is in order, renew the sanitary wares, add tubs and showers, replace old floors with heated vinyl or tile floors, add aesthetic mirrors. Good lightinneonbrand-381374-unsplashg system achieved with natural light and wall mounts boosts the beauty of the bathroom. Above all, let the number of bathrooms be commensurate with the number of rooms. This will add value to the home.
  • Master Bedroom – The master bedroom is an important room to consider when trying to add value to your home. It should be like a retreat home, a safe haven for the user, fashionable and appealing. The bedroom should be welcoming, tranquil, with beautiful lights and colors. Storage space should be roomy and organized. Avoid cluttering the room though an aesthetic vanity/reading table and matching chair is necessary. The master bedroom should be comfortable enough to offer solace and means of escape.

While trying to improve the value of your home to enable you sell or rent it out, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer or renter. Everybody likes beauty, class and distinctiveness. But it all has to be practical to be effective and useful.